The Shack

If you are new to amateur radio you may be asking "what is a shack" and "how did we come to use the term “radio shack"? Well, I've heard that the first radio shacks were found aboard ships in the early 1900s. At the time, wireless equipment aboard ships was generally housed above the bridge in a wooden structure that was called the "radio shack". For many commercial stations, the radio equipment was housed in a shack at the base of the aerials.


Anyway. where was I... Oh yes, I am currently operating on all HF bands from 160m to 10m, (including the 60m band) and 6m, 2m and 70cm bands using AM/FM/SSB. I almost always monitor 50.150 USB and 144.300 USB and 433.500 FM. Below you will find a list of some of the equipment I currently own.









Trio TS-700 Video



This is an old video of my Trio TS-700 VHF transceiver. The station I'm working is George, G3BNE on SSB. (Sadly now Silent Key 2012). I will be uploading new videos of the other transceivers very soon.





Station Equipment




HF Transceiver


  • Yaesu FT-1000MP + Yaesu SP-8 Speaker. TX: 160m to 30 Mhz. 100w Output.






    VHF/UHF Transceivers


  • Trio TS-700 (Primary VHF Transceiver). TX: I44 to 146 Mhz. 10w Output, 3 w on AM.




  • Alinco DR-150E. TX: 144 to 146 MHz. 50w Output.




  • Icom IC-449A. TX: 430 to 440 MHz. 35w Output.




  • Yaesu FT-690RII. TX: 50 to 54 MHz. QRP 2w Output.







    Shortwave Receivers


  • Yaesu FRG-7. 500 - 29990 kHz






  • Trio 9R-59DS. 0.55 - 30 Mhz






  • Fujinon F-3000E direction finder receiver. 150 - 400, 535 - 1605, 1600 - 3900 Khz




    VHF/UHF Receiver




  • Uniden Bearcat UBC9000XLT Scanner. 25-550, 760-824, 849-869, 894-1300 MHz













    Primary HF Aerial


  • 20m Dipole









    VHF/UHF Aerials



  • 50Mhz = Horizontal Double Bazooka Dipole

  • 144MHz = Horizontal Halo

  • 70cms = J-Pole









    Test Image



    Click above button to hear "CQ Serenade". This song was written by the late Maurice Durieux VE2QS and VE2BR, played by VE2QS and his orchestra, vocal by Joyce Hahn and was produced around 1951.