Electronic Log & Propagation

Welcome to my online logbook. The log is not a complete list of contacts since I've been licensed. Listed are contacts from 22-02-2000 this is the time I started keeping an "electronic logbook" As you can see my operating is a little erratic.














Live Gray-line


The "grey line" is a band around the Earth that separates daylight from darkness.  Propagation along the grey line is very efficient.  One major reason for this is that the D layer, which absorbs HF signals, disappears rapidly on the sunset side of the grey line, and it has not yet built upon the sunrise side. Ham radio operators and shortwave listeners can optimize long distance communications to various areas of the world by monitoring this band as it moves around the globe.


The current time is:




This map will automatically refresh every 5 minutes.


Current Gray-Line Position

Live Gray-line position at the time this image loaded. The shadow moves to the left.